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How it works



Send Us Lures

In the first step, you will submit a form containing information but what lures you have, and what you would like us to do with them. You can then ship your lures to the provided address!


Pay the Invoice 

Once we receive your lures, we will first count them and weigh them. This allows us to ensure that none of your lures get lost or damaged.  In addition, we calculate our invoices based on weight, along with other factors such as coloring. Once you receive and pay our invoice, we will get started on your lures.


Recive Refreshed Lures

We will inform you once your lures are done and on their way back to your provided address!



Time to Ship!

Send your package of old lures to the ADDRESS HERE

Before shipping, follow these steps:


  • #1 Fill out the shipping form. A receipt will be emailed to your provided email address. Print it out, and put it in the box/package you plan to ship.

  • #2 Package your lures and send them to the address above using the carrier of your choice.

  • #3 Fill out the post-shipping form below.

By sending your lures to us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • On The Hook is not responsible for lost or damaged property that you send us beyond the number of lures we receive from when we receive them to when we ship them back.

  • In the event you are not satisfied with our invoice, we will send back your lures for free.

  • Refunds are not accepted for completed orders unless On The Hook can not meet the customer's specifications.

Pre Shipping Form

Please fill this form out BEFORE you send your shipment, and include the information in your box

Thanks for submitting!


Post Shipping Form

Please fill this form out AFTER you send your shippment. This is required so that we can properly prepare for your shippment 

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